Andrey Smelov, Eduard Truhmenev, Dmitriy Muhamadiev

Written by

Maksim Esaulov, Andrey Romanov


Timur Iskyandarov

Music by

Svyatoslav Kurashov

Directed by

Egor Abrosimov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

The Last Trip Of Sindbad



A successful young businessman, Mikhail Barinov, attends a homecoming party at his old school. During the party he wonders why Lena Ozerskaya, his first love and the schools beauty queen, is absent. He had parted with her in the past suspecting that she was cheating on him. One of the girls tells him that Lena had traveled to the Middle East and no-one had heard from her ever since.

As Barinov starts looking for Lena, a FSB officer introduces him to a man called Sindbad.

Sindbad manages to track Lena down.

Meanwhile, strange things start happening to Barinov in Saint Petersburg, culminating in an attempt to kill him. He understands that those events are connected with his trying to find Lena ...

Sindbad succeeds in finding Lena but suddenly it turns out that things are not what they seemed and many people connected with the story turn out to be not what they claimed they were.


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