One Of The Largest, Russian Language, Independent Librarys

New Media Programming's content is broadcast on Russia’s #2 and #3 FTA (Free-To-Air) TV broadcasters. All productions are original scripted shows focusing mainly on the genres of crime, action, drama and romance. While the broadcasters retain free-to-air rights to the television shows, NMP holds all residual pay rights in the territory of Russia and free-to-air and pay tv rights in the rest of the world. As such NMP holds one of the largest audio-visual libraries of original Russian language TV programming, and this content library is supplemented by licensed films, documentaries and children’s animation.

Over 4,000 hours of television episodes; 955 feature length films; 829 documentaries (450 hours in total); 975 children’s animation   titles; and 300+ premier episodes added per year.

NMP and its affiliates (as well as predecessor companies) are pioneers in the production of Russian entertainment series. NMP affiliates and its predecessor companies were the first to begin full scale production of originally scripted Russian language entertainment dramas, action and crime series in the mid 1990s. Prior to such time Russian broadcasters, post the fall of the

Soviet Union, had primarily used Western product and formats. Since the mid 1990s the company and its predecessors have  

produced or have in production over 4,000 prime time television episodes and it continues to produce more than 300 episodes per

Many of NMP and affiliates' productions have been such successes that they are entering near or over a decade in production

  • The Streets of Broken Lights is in its 14th season of production

  • Investigation Secrets entered its 16th season of production

  • Cop Wars is entering its 11th season of production

Many of our new self developed formats have been recent successes with multiple year reorders from our customers (The Harriers, Sinbad, The Web, Road Patrol and The Version)

For years these series have generated prime time viewership share in the high teens to low 30% range, with the longer running series being towards the upper end of such range. Over the same time period the vast majority of the Company’s productions have had higher viewership share than our main clients average viewership share, both all day share and prime time share.


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