Olga Kulikova,  Vyacheslav Drobinkov,  Ilya Alekseyev,  Olga Khokhlova, Olga Sukhareva,  Vladislav Reznik, Andrei Yegorov, Konstantin Milovanov

Written by

Yakov Dashevsky with the participation of R. Kubayev


Alexei Karpukhin

Music by

Vladimir Komarov

Directed by

Vladimir Koifman


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"




Alina, a blind lace-maker and a girl or rare beauty, lives in a tiny provincial town near Perm. A lot of men are desperately in love with her despite her blindness, including one Konovalov who is connected with a criminal gang of drug traffickers. Another drug trafficker, Garnov, among other things, has been selling lace made by Alina and stealing her earnings. And Alina is in love with Kostya who goes by the nickname Marked: he has a birthmark that covers half his face...

Meanwhile in Rome Mozini, a famous fashion designer, gets wind of the handmade Palestinian lace from the Russian province. He decides he should get it for his new collection.

After her father’s death Alina travels to Moscow to look for her fiancée Kostya who, it turns out, has fled to the capital because of his involvement in a gang war. Having stopped at her brother Aleksey’s flat, Alina hangs around bus stations hoping to find Kostya – she has heard he is likely to be working somewhere in the vicinity. When she learns by chance that Aleksey’s wife is not happy with her staying in their apartment, she leaves and ends up at Ural’s, who heads the railway station mafia. He makes her sit down and make her lace in front of everybody thinking that people would be sorry for her and would buy more items from her.

After mind-boggling adventures Alina and Kostya expose an international gang; on top of that they are about to get married. It goes without saying that Alina gets her sight back, the ending is very happy.

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