Yuriy Arhangelskiy, Boris Klyuev, Sergey Tsepov, Aleksandr Bolshakov, Mihail Luchko, Natalya Tkachenko, at al.

Written by

Efim Ostrovskiy, Sergey Kuznetsov


Leonid Vasilev

Music by

Vadim Bibirgan

Directed by

Alexey Shikin


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

The Krasin Defense



Unlike criminals, witnesses are often completely helpless in Russia. Currently, 25% of witnesses change their testimony during trial, and some of them get killed! The law must protect them. There is such a law but it doesn’t work...

A war for power is being waged in a provincial town between young bandits and old thieves as the leader of the young named Kolchan kills off the “old guys”. But he can’t get the kingpin Mokey (Mokeyev) –he is in a way too experienced. Having learned of the existence of the witness protection program, Mokey takes an extreme risk in offering a deal to lieutenant colonel Krasin, head of witness protection division. Mokey would lead Krasin to the Kolchan gang and in return Krasin would hide and protect Mokeyev.


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