Killer's Profile



The series is focused on the officers of the newly established police division. The division studies the behavior of serial killers and rapists. The officers are called profilers. They analyze killers’ behavior by scrutinizing the workings of their minds. A large number of sex crimes remained unsolved. Once the division was set up it seemed that all those cold cases were about to be cracked. But the conservative ways of the police in Russia are well known. Most of police operatives are used to the old style of work, and the main heroes face antagonism on the part of their co-workers. They’ll have to convince their opponents and catch a whole mixed bunch of serial killers, psychopaths and maniacs.


Denis Matrosov, Evgenii Gusev, Vadim Andreev, Maksim Schegolev, Olga Kulikova

Written by

Maxim Yesaulov, Dmitriy Kiryukhin


Aleksey Karpukhin

Music by

Vitaliy Istomin

Directed by

Vladimir Koifman


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"


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