Aleksandr Marushev, Daniil Strakhov, Lyudmila Volkova, Igor Nikolayev, Yekaterina Zorina, Aleksandr Blok, Roman Gribkov, Vyacheslav Korobitsyn, Yulia Rudina, Mikhail Batuyev, et al.

Written by

Boris Gaiduk


Aleksandr Ustinov

Music by

Maxim Koshevarov, Kamil Abdullin

Directed by

Andrei Shcherbinin


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

The Khabarov Principle



A close friend and a deputy of police squad leader Col. Khabarov is killed at his own doorstep. His friend’s death causes the colonel to abandon his retirement plans. His bosses force upon him a new partner, Major Yershov, who should help him investigate the murder. The very first steps they take together prove that they are far from being on the same wavelength. The much-skilled and self-confident Yershov is used to relying on himself while Khabarov, who is also a very self-determined person, has trouble tolerating his subordinate’s high- headedness. Plus he considers some of the methods used by Yershov outrageous. Eventually, however, the two outstanding detectives form a strong duo. Although they still have their differences, each new case they tackle becomes a proof of their high professional skills.


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