Olga Ponizova, Marina Ignatova, Gennadiy Smirnov, Sergey Mordar', Vladimir Baranov, Roman Gribkov, Vladislav Reznik, T at'yana Bondarenko, at al.

Written by

Yuriy Epshteyn


Evgeniy Kolokolnikov

Music by

Aleksey Pavlov

Directed by

Pavel Malkov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

The Justice Dozen



A woman is murdered in her own apartment under strange circumstances. At the crime scene the detectives encounter Dmitriy Taranov, her husband. He offers no alibi – he is simply shocked. Detective Leonid Iliyich Makhov decides to take Taranov under arrest until the cause of the crime becomes clear because the neighbors say they heard the spouses having a fight right before the murder. The young detective Tishakov, who is investigating the murder, refers the case to court to be tried as a common crime. But the accused demands a jury trial. He believes that only the justice dozen can hand down a just verdict.

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