Ivanov And Rabinovich

Adventurous Comedy


Immigration in style is the theme of this comedy adventure when a Russian called Rabinovich and a Jew called Ivanov, choose to emigrate to Israel on a yacht. Their odd choice creates the scene for a hilarious comedy adventure The yacht breaks down off the shores of israel but during their trip Ivanov and Rabinovich have learned a simple truth: there is something that’s more valuable than money: it is support from people which has kept them afloat during their dangerous journey and will keep them safe in the future.


Artur Vaha, Sergey Frolov, Tatyana Polonskaya, Tatyana Abramova, Ivan Krasko, Sergey Murzin, Semen Furman, Sergey Migitsko, Roman Gromadskiy, Era Ziganshina, German Orlov, Vladimir Bogdanov, Konstantin Vorobev, at al.

Written by

Vladimir Vladimirov


Sergey Yurizditskiy

Music by

Viktor Lebedev

Directed by

Valeriy Bychenkov




Vladimir Dostal

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