Dmitri Pevtsov, Sergei Vlasov, Sergei Mardar, Andrei Rodimov, Alexei Lysenko, Natalia Indeikina, et al.

Written by

Maxim Yesaulov, Roman Lebedev, Alexander Samoilov


Gleb Vavilov

Music by

Svyatoslav Kurashov

Directed by

Vadim Saetgaliev


Progress Studio


"Forward Film"

Internal Investigaion



A new thrilling story about the life of Homicide Division Chief Rustem Zainulin. Modern-day police. Honest cop, dirty cop... who’s who?

Zainulin is accused of killing his subordinate, an undercover agent. Right before the killing Zainulin learns from his agent the hiding place of the crime lord Nizamov. Nizamov has long been wanted for murders, and Zainullin quickly mounts a raid to capture him. But he himself is immediately apprehended by the internal security officers. Why would Homicide Division Chief kill his co-worker? Is the head of Special Ops Latunin right in pursuing Zainullin? A retired veteran police officer Colonel Shchuka is called upon to sort out the affair. The colonel is not eager to return from retirement, his principles and views seem outdated to most of the police officers. But still he, an honest and tough-as-nails cop, becomes the head of Saint Petersburg Police Internal Security. He will uncover the truth no matter what.


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