Mom, I'm In Love With A Hitman



Anzhela Polonskaya, an economic crime investigator, is taken hostage by German who is a professional hitman. The man who had ordered the hit decides to liquidate the hitman. His thugs pursue German and Anzhela. Rogue cops open a fake criminal case against Anzhela. To acquit herself, she has to find the man who had ordered the hit. The only person who might help her is German but he himself is a marked man. So the two are united by a common goal...


Tatyana Kolganova, Vladislav Reznik, Andrey Dezhonov, Valeriy Grishko, Igor Golovin, Konstantin Anisimov, Igor Sergeev

Written by

Aleksandr Paygalik


Kirill Mashkovich

Music by

Mihail Mokienko

Directed by

Vlad Furman


Graffiti Film Production


"Forward Film"

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