Zhiganova Maria, Averkov Andrei, Chaban Grigory, Piletskaya Tatiana, Merkulov Maxim, Sayutalin Alexander, Malyushin Valery, et al.

Written by

Yefim Ostrovsky, Sergei Kuznetsov, Maxim Yesaulov, Aleksandr Samoilov, Dmitriy Terskiy


Alexei Solodov

Music by

Maxim Koshevarov

Directed by

Pavel Malkov, Nadezhda Yakusheva


Graffiti Film Production & Studio Navigator


"Forward Film"




The beautiful Zhenya Tarasova is a police Captain and a real operative. She can’t imagine her life without operative work. But after being seriously wounded during the apprehension of a repeat offender the doctors forbade her to work on the ground. Instead she is offered the job of a parole officer to supervise the recently paroled.

Zhenya is beyond herself with indignation! Indeed, paperwork will bore her to death! But it turns out that behind each paper stands a real person with his or her unique character and problems. So she finds how to use her skills and yearning for justice. Ultimately, it turns out that a parole officer’s work is that of an operative, not a clerk. And at times it can be pretty dangerous too.

Each episode centers on a story of a person who gets help when in distress. A romantic storyline is being told in the background – a story of Zhenya’s complicated relationship with Pyotr Krylov, head of the CID who is smitten with Zhenya. It’s not surprising since Zhenya is always charming and very feminine, no matter what her job.

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