Yelena Laguta, Oleg Morozov, Inna Kapnulina, Vsevolod Shilovskiy, Olga Khokhlova

Written by

Valentin Azernikov


Viktor Makarov, Vadim Buzuev

Music by

Ilya Melamed

Directed by

Eduard Redjepov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

Hostages Of Love



A high-flying attorney Oleg Losev meets his ex-fiancée, prosecutor Katya, at a resort. Despite the bad feelings and difficult situations they both experienced after breaking up, they are still attracted to each other. Being torn between passion and the fear of making a new mistake, they are unable to reunite at once. Meanwhile, Losev is busy with two cases: one concerns Ryabov, a loan officer stole a large amount of money from his own bank for the woman he loved, and the other – geologist Sergeyev, whose wrongful arrest was ordered by a highly placed military official. The latter case leads Oleg and Katya to a face off during the trial at the point when the lovers have already picked a wedding dress. Losev is unaware that Katya has received orders from higher up to “sink” Sergeyev at all costs. The heroes will try to keep their love without losing self-respect.

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