Vadim Andreyev, Yuri Chernov, Yuri Ilyin, Alexei Matoshin, Zakhar Ronzhin, Sergei Bystritskiy, Sergei Yarmolyuk

Written by

Dmitri Parmenov


Dmitri Kazakov

Music by

Pavel Zavyalov

Directed by

Svyatoslav Vlasov




"Forward Film"

Homicide Division Two

Police Procedural


The legendary detective and chief of homicide division colonel Vitayev crossed an important government official and was nearly forced to retire. As Vitayev struggled to get used to the idea that his job was taken by a dumb son- in-law of his boss he was called to ranks again in order to quickly solve a vicious crime. Vitayev did well and his superiors decided they did not want to let him go after all. So they set up a second homicide division under Vitayev’s command. Two new members were added to Vitayev’s team: a heavily drinking detective Andrei Samoilov and a whiz kid Sasha Zazvonov, fresh out of the Police Academy. It has become customary for Homicide One to get all the praise, commendations and awards with officers from Homicide Two getting all the dirty work, sleepless nights and a sense of deep satisfaction from solving crimes which their co-workers from Homicide One would never have solved.


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