Andrei Yegorov, Artyom Karasyov, Nikita Yemshanov, Danil Kokin, Andrei Pynzaru, Nodari Djanelidze, Andrei Gulnev, Viktor Vybrienko, Viktor Babich, Natalia Tkachenko, Natalia Parashkina, et al.

Written by

Maxim Yesaulov, Andrei Romanov


Dmitriy Kozakov

Music by

Pavel Zavyalov

Directed by

Alexei Bogdanov


Panorama Studio


“Forward Film”




Boris Zhukov once was the chief mate on a merchant vessel and sailed turbulent seas off the coast of the Horn of Africa. During one of his journeys his ship was attacked by Somalia pirates and the entire crew was killed. Boris was held captive together a little girl, the daughter of the ship’s master who was killed by the pirates. Due to his courage, willpower and enormous luck he managed to escape and return to his home country. However, a new ordeal awaited him there. His wife, who had given up hope of seeing her husband or even hearing from him again, sold their apartment and married another man. His friends were scattered to the four points of the compass and his employers wrote him off as dead. As he rapidly descended the social ladder, vodka became his only friend. Eventually, Boris found himself on the streets and turned into a homeless drifter. Soon he was living in a corner of a basement of a residential house. One day he had an unexpected visitor, a boy named Seryozha Panin, who lived next door. The two of them, a worthless drunk and a boy from a difficult family, could have become friends: they shared a common passion for ship modeling. But the friendship that hasn’t yet begun ends abruptly and cruelly as Seryozha is kidnapped right in front of Boris’ eyes who has a clear view of the license plate of the kidnappers’ car through his basement window. Turning for help to the police doesn’t help since the police officer to whom Zhukov complained dies on duty at the hand of an unknown killer, and it is Boris who is accused of the murder

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