Our History

New Media Programming (NMP) represents the culmination of Mr. Gusinski's more than 15-year involvement in the Russian media industry, in which time he has participated in key events in the development of independent media in the Russian-speaking world. In 1993, Mr. Gusinski founded Russia’s first independently-owned diversified media company, ZAO Media Most, which at its height included the free-to-air channels NTV and TNT; NTV+, Russia’s first pay-television satellite network; a television programming and feature-length film library; Itogi magazine, a joint venture with Newsweek and The Washington Post; the daily newspaper Segodnya; and the radio station Echo of Moscow. ZAO Media Most was Russia’s largest independently-owned diversified media company until 2001, when it was sold to a state-controlled media company. Nevertheless, Mr. Gusinski managed to retain the key television creative production assets and employees and diligently sought new talent, and it is this team of accomplished media professionals that now form the core of NMP.

Mr. Gusinski founded NMP's predecessor in 2005, after spending several years analyzing the Russian-language television market inside and outside of Russia.  NMP is now the main focus of Mr. Gusinski's media initiatives. NMP and its affiliates' integrated operations include a number of  Moscow based production studios to concentrate on the burgeoning market of telenovella programs; Russia’s premier library of serial television programming, which includes over 4,000 Russian-language episodes; distribution rights to approximately 900 Russian-language animated television episodes. The key creative talents that Mr. Gusinski has assembled over the years now work within the NMP structure, and, guided by an experienced and dedicated Board of Directors, the team is able to ensure the steady production of television series that generate high ratings on the free-to-air, cable and satellite networks where the group's programs are broadcast. 

Although NMP's original series are commissioned by some of Russia’s largest free-to-air broadcasters, such as RTR and NTV, NMP retains significant residual rights to the series it made, allowing numerous opportunities to generate profits from reselling the series outside of Russia. Thus, even after premier series are broadcast on Russian free-to-air networks, NMP is able to derive substantial revenues from licensing those series to free-to-air networks outside of Russia and cable and satellite networks all over the world. Indeed, NMP has evolved into an international brand with our programs broadcast throughout the countries of the former Soviet Union, Western and Eastern Europe, Israel, and North America. 

Finally, NMP also retains all streaming rights to its series and is in the process of creating, with partners, what it believe will swiftly become the leading  Russian language OTT platform.

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