Vladimir Ilin, Darya Dostal, Vladimir Steklov, Aleksandr Tsurkan, Gennadiy Sayfulin, Oleg Krivenko, Konstantin Isaev, Anatoliy Guschin, Lyudmila Gurchenko, Liya Ahedzhakova, Albert Filozov, Igor Yasulovich, Alena Kischik, Alla Budnitskaya, Aleksandra Nazarova, Igor Gordin, Igor Ivanov, Aleksandr Orlov, Raisa Ryazanova, Amayak Akopyan, Yuriy Nifontov, Fedor Dobronravov

Written by

Gennadiy Kayumov


Andrey Naydenov

Music by

Sergey Bondarenko

Directed by

Vladimir Grammatikov




Vladimir Dostal

Gorynych And Victoria

Ironical Detective Story


When his daughter returned from the United States, General Gromov was unaware that instead of a medical college she graduated with honors from the Chicago Police Academy. The insistent daughter wanted to work under her father – in the Investigation Division of the Main Directorate of the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department. Concerned for her safety, the General asks the Division Chief to assign her to the most hopeless cases hoping that she would lose her faith in herself because of failures. Then the General would be able to fire her on formal grounds for being a bad professional. But Victoria gets help from one of the Division’s most clever investigators, Pavel Garibaldovich Raushe, nicknamed Gorynych. They form a nice pair. Gorynych aply uses deductive methods of Sherlock Holmes and Victoria is quite at ease with the cutting edge technology adopted by the U.S. police. And so the superiors cannot prevent the talented due from succeeding again and again...

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