Sergey Lanbamin, Sergey Koleshnya

Written by

Boris Han (scripts for the first two episodes were written with the participation of Tatiana Artseulova and Anna Suvorova)


Oleg Ivanov

Music by

Alexei Mogilevskiy

Directed by

Maksim Kubrinskiy


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

From The Life Of Captain Chernyayev



Based on books by Vladimir Kolychev

The film’s main character is Timofei Chernyaev, a police operative. He’s about 30. Full of charm and wit, he’s loved by women and is a constant pain in the neck for his bosses. Timofei is hot-tempered and trigger happy, he doesn’t bother with deduction. He prefers to act, though not always in a proper way. But he’s always sincere in his actions. Captain Chernyaev is single, but he is searching for opportunities. Sometimes his search brings him to a dead end, but he learns no lessons and resumes his love adventures. Timofei is a faithful friend. For several years he worked with a partner, Senior Lieutenant Dima Yakushev. When Yakushev gets killed, Timofei does everything he can to avenge his death. In three four-episode chapters Chernyaev, together with his new partner Ivan Kulik, finds out who stands behind the mysterious killings of businessmen, clears an alleged serial killer and exposes an elite suicide club.

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