Fortunes Play



The plot of Fortunes Play encompasses a lengthy period of several decades, beginning from the mid-60s of the past century till the present.

The script for this multi-episode TV show is based on the popular book by Igor Rybinskiy Summer Garden in Winter Period. It describes the life of two Smirnov brothers – from their youth in Saint Petersburg until maturity. Sudden twists in their lives, encounters and separations...



Vitaliy Kovalenko, Vladislav Yurchekevich, Igor Gordin, Boris Bedrosov, Lyudmila Egorova, Tatyana Snisarenko, Aleksandr Bargman, Igor Shibanov, at al.

Written by

Igor Rybinskiy


Leonid Vasilev

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Aleksandr Aksayskiy


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

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