Vladislav Reznik, Vitaliy Kovalenko, Svetlana Schedrina, Yuliya Shubaeva, Igor Masyuk, Aleksandr Ovchinnikov, Vasiliy Reutov, Anatoliy Hudoliev

Written by

Maksim Esaulov, Andrey Romanov


Aleksey Solodov

Music by

Pavel Malkov

Directed by

Dmitriy Parmenov


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Flight Attempt



The heroes of the series are hard-working guys, at their job 25 hours a day. A lot of things happen during the day, and for an ordinary person it is next to impossible to deal with them all at once. One should work really hard! A police car just won’t start? Use your own car! Out of gas? Take a tram, but solve the crime against all odds! That’s what it means to be a born detective!

The city is full of crime: murders, theft, rapes, etc. Amidst that, the main hero is investigating a complicated case connected with a maniac killer. But suddenly it becomes clear that it is the detective and his family who may become the maniac’s next victim. Despite the pressure from higher up to speed up the investigation the detectives work calmly, steadily and honestly. The show is also about the heroes’ private lives, for which, of course, there is always not enough time, dramatic events and even comic situations.


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