Ilya Drevnov , Elena Panova, Pavel Sborschikov, Vladislav Reznik, Roman Ladnev, Ilya Barabanov, Vadim Andreev

Written by

Dmitriy Kamorin


Vitaly Konevtcov

Music by

Ilya Melamed

Directed by

Timur Kabulov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

The Fine Line



The main heroes are Pavel Kruglyakov and Marina Sinitsyna, investigators from the district prosecutor’s office.

Kruglyakov is well-educated and single. He takes on a new job with lots of unsolved cases. A good thinker, he solves two of them during his first week. Marina Sinitsyna is a hot and smart girl, on her way to getting a postgrad degree. She has no personal life though. She’s a single mom.

As they make their way through their daily routine, the heroes gradually become drawn to each other, although the situation is nothing but complicated. Working side-by-side with Kruglyakov Sinitsyna can’t help being amazed by his cleverness, talent and humanity. Those qualities are almost unbelievable in a person who faces the most horrible and cruel aspects of life on a daily basis. Her amazement turns into interest, and then into an altogether unexpected feeling which is not good news for their colleague Martynov who has wooed Sinitsyna for a long time and had certain plans for her. Thus, we have a love triangle here with a dramatic development of the storyline.

The detective story arc focuses on the mysterious murder of a Latvian businessman, which long ago was dubbed a “cold case” by Kruglyakov’s rival Martynov. It’s evident that Martynov is not exactly happy with the reopening of the case by Kruglyakov. And when Martynov realizes that the relationship between Sinitsyna and Kruglyakov is nothing but intimate, he goes to a gangster who is connected with the Latvian’s murder and tells him everything. As a result of his betrayal, Sinitsyna’s son is kidnapped. The kidnappers say they will release him only if certain conditions are met. Desperate, she turns to Kruglyakov for help. Eventually, the boy is rescued. Martynov is arrested. In the end, Kruglyakov moves in with Sinitsyna. They get promoted at work. But the most important thing is that now they are together. The detective plot combined with melodrama will no doubt appeal to the viewer.

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