Filming & Production

Over the years of its operation, the holding has implemented a variety of projects of the widest array, many of which have become landmarks in the Russian TV history. Programmes produced by NMP appear on central Russian channels and are intended for a widest viewing audience. They include programmes as Cop Wars, Streets of Broken Lights, Cop in Law, Catherine, Children of Arbat, Shtafbat, Convoy PQ17, Petersburg Underworld, National Security Agent, Investigation Secrets, CID, The Web, Hounds and many more. What they have in common is invariably high quality thanks to which NMP ’s products are deservedly popular among Russian viewers.


NMP and NMDC are actively involved in making and producing TV series. Just like in other areas of its activities, NMP and NMDC release series intended for very different audiences. NMP' and NMDC's works were awarded the TEFI prize, in 2008 and 2005, in the following categories, for the resonant series "Cop Wars" - 3 and "The Web":

  • TV Producer 

  • TV series screenplay writer 

  • Film director 

  • Cameraman 

  • TV fiction series 

Each project evokes lively response not only in the viewers, but also in TV and cinema communities.

NMDC, NMP and its affiliates offer production services across Russia and the former Soviet Union. We offer the complete range of services needed to organize shooting and post-production for projects on any scale and budget.

Our services include:

  • Pre-production and casting

  • Location hunting and permit acquisition

  • Equipment rental

  • Set construction

  • Costume fitting and costume design

  • Post-production (CGI, animation, musical score)

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