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"Forward Film"

Department 18



In the sea of “mundane” offences, crimes of apparently extremist nature have been steadily growing in number.

To fight this type of crime a special department, codenamed “Department 18”, was created with the intent of taking down extremist masterminds before tragic events could unfold.

The department is headed by Col. Zanoza. He assembles a paradoxical team: quick-tempered Karasyov who himself is not alien to extremist views, anti-nationalist Bespalov, and black Lieutenant Chomba who claims to be half- Russian.

Assaulted by skinheads, engineer Mirzayev ends up in a hospital where he is killed... by an Arab mercenary. The investigation of the case leads the team of operatives to a terrorist ring. All the data point to a preparation of a bombing which would kill hundreds of innocent people.

As the time left until the disaster is running out the team struggles to determine the place of the terrorist attack.

Acting on the brink of the law under a constant threat of being fired the operatives from Department 18 will be racing against time to save their home town from the ruthless mass murderers.


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