Dear Jury

Costume Drama


The story retells the epoch of the Russian tsar Alexander the Second. The main characters are the Jury that first appeared in Russia – people are versatile and changeable, with an in-born sense of freedom. They were the representatives of the first generation of “intelligencia” in Russia. Morally sensitive people they experience the reforms in Russia as an affirmation of their life ideals and it comes to a great disappointment when they have to face bureaucracy of people at power.

The Great reformer – tsar Alexander the Second – who granted the country so many vital reforms, falls a victim to his opponents...


Andrey Smirnov, Anna Astrahantseva, Roman Ushakov, Aleksandra Kulikova, Aleksey Barabash, Elena Rufanova, Aleksandr Zyblev, SergeyZamorev, Aleksandr Cherednik, Kirill Dateshidze, Ivan Krasko, Sergey Barkovskiy, Oleg Vlasov, Valeriy Doronin, Evgeniy Merkuryev, at al.

Written by

Mihail Kuraev, Evgeniy Ivanov


Mihail Levitin

Music by

Yuriy Krasavin

Directed by

Evgeniy Ivanov




Vladimir Dostal

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