Yegor Beroyev, Alexei Komashko, Dmitry Orlov, Andrei Perovich, Valery Soloviev, Svetlana Smirnova-Martsinkevich, Roman Gribkov, Oleg Almazov, Yelena Radevich, Andrei Nekrasov, Anton Bagmet, Vitaly Zhigalin, Anna Donchrenko, et al.

Written by

Maxim Yesaulov, Dmitry Filippov


Alexei Solodov, Stanislav Mikhailov

Music by

Stanislav Kurashov

Directed by

Stanislav Titarenko


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"Forward Film"




Stas Kovalsky and Igor Bortsov are police officers serving in Saint- Petersburg’s Homicide Division. They are the best duo of operatives, held in high regard by their division chief Shurygin. Energetic, smart and professional, they have been nicknamed the “cowboys” for their boldness, the nickname being a combination of the first syllables of their last names.

Being co-workers, Boitsov and Kovalsky don’t see much of each other outside work. They have totally different lifestyles.

Kovalsky is a family man, he adores his family. Born in Lithuania, he finished a police school there and then moved to Saint Petersburg.

Boitsov was born and raised in Saint Petersburg in a cop family. Recognizing no half tones, Igor sees either black or white, good or bad, victory or defeat.

Three vivid tales, each of which puts the police officers on the brink of death. The Cowboys have to force the truth out with their teeth, fighting crime to the death and winning in the process.

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