Sergei Lanbamin, Inna Kapnulina, Sergei Gubanov, Viktor Bunakov, Roman Shumilov, Dmitri Prokofiev, Maria Fedosova, Larisa Negreyeva, Tatiana Ukharova, Vladimir Vinogradov, Svetlana Davydova, et al.

Directed by

Yuri Popovich, Dmitri Matov


Film Production Center


"Forward Film"

CID – 5



The main heroes are detectives Mazurov (Viktor Bunakov), Alekseyev (Sergei Lanbamin), Pronin (Roman Shumilov), Fortuna (Dmitri Prokofiev), Ignatov (Sergei Gubanov). Things are not as quiet as they seem at first glance in a small provincial town of Trigorsk. The officers stay alert – there’s work for them all the time! In season 5 the heroes will investigate a case of stolen World War II decorations, solve the mystery of missing husbands who cheated on their wives and debunk a famous Moscow magician

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