Alexander Polovtsev, Mikhail Trukhin, Oleg Andreyev, Mikhail Luchko, Oscar Kuchera, Boris Klyuev, Andrei Zibrov, Elena Kuprashevich, Boris Cherdyntsev, et al.

Written by

Alexander Samoilov, Roman Lebedev, Alyona Leonova, Kirill Mukhanov, Yekaterina Permyakova, Bogdan Bogdanov, Anton Zhdanov


Alexei Solodov, Mikhail Klyuyev

Music by

Pyotr Rozlomiy

Directed by

Viktor Shkuratov, Pavel Malkov


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"Forward Film"




In the new season of The Streets of Broken Streetlights Colonel Gradovikov, the newly minted Chief of Inter-District Department, will get used to being in charge of true professionals. The standard carrot and stick policy does not work for Gradovikov’s new team of honest and straightforward cops. The new leader needs to show his respect for the operatives and trust their judgments since the united team can be more successful in fighting crime. In turn, Lieutenant Colonel Solovets and the other operatives are forced to admit that Gradovikov, albeit quick-tempered, is often right and has a way of dealing with hard-to-crack cases.

Enter a new team member, Senior Lieutenant Margarita Potapenko. The cops are happy to welcome the girl who once helped them solve a hard case. Bright, determined and original, Margarita, who comes from a Southern family, has certain experience of dealing with criminals. She will not only become a valuable asset for the team but also a trusted comrade.

The everyday life of the team is brimming with bustle, daily interviews, crime scene visits, informers, and written reports. It’s what the cops have to do on their job and they can’t imagine their job without it.

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