Alexander Polovtsev,  Mikhail Trukhin, Olrg Andreyev, Mikhail Luchko, Veronika Norina, Georgy Shtil, Boris Cherdyntsev, et al.

Written by

Andrei Ivanov, Dmitry Rubin, Anton Zinchenko, Sergei Dmitriyev, Raisa Mustonen, Inna Svechenovskaya, Sergei Glazkov, Dmitry Gubarevskiy, Polina Konokh, Viktoria Kosheleva, Dmitry Akimov, Sergei Seiranyan


Alexander Nikolsky, Alexei Solodov, Ivan Bagayev

Music by

Pyotr Rozlomiy

Directed by

Valery Zakhariev, Vadim Sayetgaliyev, Ivan Moshnyakov


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"Forward Film"




The new season of the Streets of Broken Streetlights series portrays the life and work of the Inter-District Homicide Division officers. Led by Lieutenant Colonel Solovets, the officers serve under the vigilant eye of the division chief Gennady Antonovich Firsov. As Lieutenant Savina quits her police job after getting married, the workload gets heavier for the rest of the officers: Major Volkov, Captain Krymov and Senior Lieutenant Glushko. With Glushko transferred to another job, the team welcomes a newcomer. Appearing as something of an oddball, Viktor Zaichik has plenty of combat experience which frequently comes in handy. Often faced with difficulties in investigating crimes, the officers have to use certain tricks to get things done. Despite the hard job and personal problems that keep them preoccupied seven days a week, the officers support each other and manage to stay focused on their job duties.

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