Viktor Bunakov, Ilya Alekseev, Dmitriy Prokofev, Yuliya Silaeva, Mihail Solodko, Larisa Negreeva, Vladimir Vinogradov

Written by

Sergey Kuznetsov, Efim Ostrovskiy


Mihail Iskandarov

Music by

Akhmad Bakayev

Directed by

Rano Kubaeva


Film Studio "Hot Line"


"Forward Film"

CID – 2



Kalashnikov’s team investigates puzzling crimes in a quiet provincial town of Trigorsk lost somewhere in the midst of Russia’s hinterland.

The heroes of the series often become involved in a whirlpool of crime-related events: their enemies try to threaten, blackmail or kill them. But the criminals stand no chance of winning the game – the ordinary guys are not as simple as they appear. Their team is tightly knit together with friendship and esprit de corps. The adventures of the operatives from the Trigorsk homicide division continue.

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