Glafira Tarkhanova, Ilya Alekseyev, Aleksander Polovtsev, Anna Samokhina, Valeriy Degtyar, Natalia Tkachenko, Vladimir Glazkov et al.

Written by

Inna Svechenovskaya with the participation of Yulia Matsuk


Vladimir Vasiliev

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Igor Moskvitin


Graffiti Film Production


"Forward Film"


Social drama with elements of mysticism


Color of the Flame is a modern-day family saga depicting the 20-year chain of events in the Bronitskiy family.

It appears that nothing can darken the happiness and well-being of those people until one of the family members, geneticist Vadim Bronitskiy, by way of scientific experiment creates a human being with special qualities, a little girl by the name of Alina. And at once, the Bronitskiy family gets caught in a whirlpool of mysterious and tragic events.

The story is focused on the fate of the main heroine, Alina; she’s smart and beautiful, and she brings good and evil at the same time (she heals doomed patients, brings wealth to her step parents and death to everyone who falls in love with her).

The heroine is painfully searching for her place in life and fights her inner destructive force; after living through a lot of trials and tribulations she finds a true love.

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