CID As It Is

Action/Police Mystery


Based on a novel by Anatoly Stepanov

This gripping detective drama goes inside the Moscow Criminal Investigation Department where the main characters of the series work in a world where the notion of law and order is not much more than a dream.

Facing these hardships with honor the team works together to bring justice back to a system that is out of hand.


Evgeniy Sidihin, Eduard Chekmazov, Valeriy Troshin, Sergey Yushkevich, Vitaliy Egorov, Elena Panova, Nikolay Chindyaykin, Viktor Sergachev, Aleksandr Semchev, Nelli Selezneva, Evgeniy Kraynev, at al.

Written by

Aleksandr Lapshin


Evgeniy Guslinskiy

Music by

Boris Bazurov

Directed by

Dimitriy Brusnikin




Vladimir Dostal


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