Viktor Bunakov, Sergey Vidineev, Ilya Alekssev, Evgeniy Samarin, Aleksandr Smirnov

Written by

Efim Ostrovskiy, Sergey Kuznetsov


Eduard Melnikov, Valeriy Tsybin

Music by

Angelina Romanenko, Lev Rostovskiy

Directed by

Marina Vidineeva


Film Studio "Hot Line"


"Forward Film"




The story unfolds in a provincial town of Trigorsk. Unlike other famous “cops” whom the viewer usually sees against big city settings, our heroes live in Russian hinterland. Small houses, cozy gardens, quaint streets.

However, quite life is something the police officers can only dream about. Battle hardened, the detectives headed by Major Kolodnikov are often drawn into whirlpools of crime: they face threats and blackmail... Doing their job they risk their lives. But the risk is always balanced out by good judgment of the professionals. Life is hard for the town’s underworld.

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