Eduard Truhmenev, Yana Lvova, Nikolay Ivanov, Yuriy Anpilogov, Valeriy Zhakov, Oleg Zima, Oleg Knysh, Yuriy Tsurilo, Olga Pogodina, Aleksandr Sergeev, Andrey Zavodyuk, Aleksandr Markelov, Elena Kotelnikova, Aleksandr Grunda, at al.

Written by

Dmitriy Kamorin


Vadim Buzuev

Music by

Mihail Shkirman

Directed by

Vlad Furman


“New Russian Serial”


Andrey Kamorin




A story about bodyguards, their relations and the eternal question of life and death.

A prominent businessman dies at the hand of a hitman hired by his business partners wishing to secure their grip on company shares. Now the deceased’s former colleagues must get rid of his widow who turns out to be the new owner of the shares left to her by her dead husband. The young woman faces serious trouble so she has to hire a bodyguard ...

Divorced parents declare a war on each other over their only child, a 13 year old daughter. The girls mother lives in the U.S. and her father lives in Russia, so the situation I becomes very complicated. The court proceedings are in full swing when the girl suddenly says she wishes to stay with her father. But her mother won’t give up. Then the girl and her father decide to move to Moscow. There’s no way for the girls mother to get her daughter back except... kidnapping. There’s only one thing left for the father – to ask for help...


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