Serafima Ogaryova, Dmitri Palamarchuk, Shamil Khamatov, Tamara Abrosimova, Mikhail Tryasorukov, Anna Arefieva, Olesya Berezhnaya, Yana Yesipovich, Igor Lizengevich, Rosa Khairullina, Natalia Akimova, Roman Ladnyov

Written by

Elmira Blinova


Ivan Pomorin

Music by

Maksim Koshevarov

Directed by

Alexander Gornovsky


Panorama Studio


"Forward Film"

Blood Type Five



The events described in this heavily serialized epic, Blood Type Five, go back to the mid-sixties of the last century.

Two co-eds, Anfisa and Emma, are getting ready for the graduation exams, with their adult lives ahead of them: work at school and happy marriage. Their boyfriends have already been raised to the status of fiancés. After graduation, Anfisa’s fiancé Ruslan wants to move to his home village, where his mother lives, to become a school principal. But Anfisa doesn’t wish to be a teacher at a rural school. After breaking up with Ruslan she goes to the dances and meets a handsome aviation cadet Yuri who is visiting his grandmother. It’s love at first sight for Anfisa. Their romance turns out to be short-lived. Because of an incident (he inadvertently kills a drunken hooligan to protect a girl) Yuri has to flee in a hurry. A lot of time goes by and still Anfisa has no news from him. As she comes to realize that her boyfriend has left for good she becomes aware that she’s pregnant. She decides to look for Yuri to tell him the news. Anfisa visits Yuri’s grandmother to learn his address. But she is not aware of the mental illness of the grandmother who seems to live in a world of her own. She tells Anfisa that Yuri is married and has a son. Upon hearing the news Anfisa feels desperate. She decides to reunite with Ruslan keeping her pregnancy a secret. Already married to Ruslan she gives birth to a girl named Dinka. Ruslan thinks Dinka is his daughter. But they have a lot of surprises ahead of them: Anfisa will meet Yuri again, and Ruslan will finally fall in love. Meanwhile, Dinka’s life turns into a breathtaking adventure interlaced with intense love, wanderings and sadness. Tough and full of zest, Dinka will overcome all the obstacles and find happiness with the man she loves and their kids.


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