The Ashes of Phoenix



An action-packed mystery which depicts the dramatic story of the demise of the Russian-Ukrainian joint venture Phoenix, whose companies were used by both international criminal forces and secret services for the implementation of their plans.

The hijacking of Phoenix’s van in Ukraine makes Phoenix’s Ukrainian and Russian bosses wonder who was really behind their firm’s operations, especially since it turned out that in addition to a shipment of vodka the vehicle was carrying 50 kilos of heroin and a criminal boss who had just escaped from prison.


Anatoliy Guschin, Vasiliy Basha, Viktor Stepanov, Leonid Kulagin, Igor Bochkin, Aleksandr Domogarov, Larisa Rusnak, Oleg Guschin, Elena Stefanskaya, Vladimir Zaytsev, Sergey Astahov, Elena Zaharova, Ervant Arzumanyan, Svetlana Antonova

Written by

Oleg Prihodko


Pavel Nebera

Music by

Oleg Kiva

Directed by

Vladimir Popkov




Vladimir Dostal

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